Small Business South Africa - Small Business South Africa - Does E-zine Advertising Work?

In the world of online advertising there is a lot of hype and experts and just as many opinions. To the online business entrepreneur, it has become a real struggle to sift through the tons of information. It has become imperative to look critically at every issue related to the highly competitive online business.

As advertising is the backbone of sales, and thus profit, every entrepreneur should have a sensible advertising plan. Adequate allocation of financial resources to gain maximum profit should be the priority in such a plan. After all, the online entrepreneur wishes to make a profit.

E-zine advertising definitely plays an important role in sales generation, but it amounts to more than simply putting an advert in a newsletter or e-zine and sitting back and watch the orders and the money come rolling in.

When one purchases an advert, it is done in the expectation of making a profit.

In order to make a profit, one has to evaluate any advertising campaign logically. In the end it is all about numbers and percentages. Every advert that you place is read by a percentage of readers of the newsletter or e-zine. An even smaller percentage of readers will reply to your advert and yet a smaller percentage will eventually buy your product.

Depending on the number of readers of a particular e-zine, your prospects of successful sales conversions will vary greatly. If only 0.1% of readers eventually accepts your offer and makes a purchase, it is clear that the greater the circulation of the e-zine, the better your chance is to make a profit. For an e-zine with a circulation of 3 000, sales at 0.1% can amount to only 3, while a circulation of 30 000 can bring in 30 sales.

The cost of the advert relative to the price of your product is another important factor to take into consideration. The lower the price of your product, the greater the probability of a sale. However, since no sale is guaranteed, caution should be exercised. As a general rule, the cost of an advert should not exceed the price of one single product. This is important, since the sale of only one product will cover your overheads and the sale of two products will give you a 100% profit, etc.

As said earlier, it is all about numbers and percentages. The numbers on email lists usually vary between 6 000 and 20 000 and if you choose your e-zines wisely, chances are that you will be guaranteed a profit of at least twice your outlay every time that you use a well chosen e-zine.

For e-zine advertising to be effective, you need to consider two factors:

•the circulation of the e-zine                                                    

•the cost of the advert

Remember: Be very selective in the e-zines that you advertise in. It is quality that you are looking for, not quantity. You should research the e-zine market and put together a list of about a dozen e-zines and newsletters that you can be sure will make you a profit every time that you advertise in them. Once you have found e-zines that work for you, keep on using them.

The Power Of E-zine Advertising

Online Advertising is an effective way of marketing your online business. It should be used as part of a broader Internet Marketing Strategy. There are however a lot of so-called experts in the market that provides different and conflicting ideas about Online Advertising. What they all agree about is that No Advertising is a sure way of killing your Online Business.

Finding Online Advertising Resources that work is not all that easy if your Advertising Budget is limited. Great advertising cost money! E-zine advertising provided an excellent low cost advertising alternative, provided a number of rules are adhered to. Whether you publish your own E-zine or use someone else's to advertise in, it is a advertising resource worth investigating.
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