Small Business South Africa - Small Business South Africa - A state of mind.

For most people, starting their own small business is nothing more than a distant dream. They dream of financial independence, but hope to win the lotto to get the money they need to secure the life they want. I learned at a very young age that each one of us has full control of our own destiny.

Millions of South Africans also dream of starting their own small business. Chances are that it will remain a dream for most of them. The reasons are many, but fear of the unknown is probably the biggest – fear of letting go of the familiar monthly salary, security of a steady job or losing an accustomed lifestyle. This fear does not prevent the millions of entrepreneurial dreamers to continue dreaming. Owning their own small business and being their own boss is still the Great South African dream for many.

South Africa is considered the land of small business opportunity by many other countries in the world. Hundreds of thousands of foreigners – most from neighboring countries -  flock to South Africa to chase this dream. Many of them actually make it as successful small business owners. Yet, more manage to just make a living on the streets.

This happens because nothing really prepares us for the small business world. We were taught to work hard at school, get good grades, find a great paying job and enjoy all the benefits until retirement. Most people keep one steady job all their lives and retire in poverty. The future looks bleak with rising levels of unemployment as many of the major companies downsize or outsource to find cheaper labour markets and increase profits.

Where does it leave the millions of people affected and joining the ranks of the unemployed? Surely, the logical route is to become an employer, rather than remain an employee. This means starting your own small business as the ideal market is the small business market. The first step is to overcome your worst enemy – FEAR. You should never allow the fear of getting it wrong or making a mistake to stop you from getting where you deserve to be. The only people who never make mistakes are the people who are not doing anything.

The only difference between success and failure is our state of mind. If you believe that someone else should do everything for you because you deserve it, then you will fail. If, on the other hand, you really believe you are the master of your own destiny, then as long as you have the knowledge required there is no limit to what you can achieve.

The main factor necessary for your success is a passionate belief in the power of YOU. When you know and believe that you can succeed through the power of your own actions, you will. It is a fact that those who consistently do their very best are eventually going to succeed and those who believe in their success will find a way to succeed - despite the many obstacles.
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