Making it in traditional small business or the internet business today is a tough job. The competition is fierce and the business-world is a vast environment to operate in. However, for the serious entrepreneur, help is always at hand. The enourmous number of e-books, book, newsletters and online forums available, make the finding of information easy and effortless.

Sifting through the information to find the real "golden nuggets" is a totally different story. The abundance of free e-books on offer makes it confusing and a daunting task.

It is my experience that the best information is the information that comes at a price. Just think about it: "Why would a guru give away his secret plan to become a millionaire overnight?" It usually is just the bait to lure the unsuspecting victum into his website to sell him another worthless outdated "secret" and making a few buck of you.

Being prepared to pay for valuable information is a way of commiting yourself to your business. Let us face it: "Everything comes at a price!"

On this page, I am putting together a list of resources, consisting of books, E-books and valuable websites that I think is worth it. Most come with a pricetag, but a some are free.

Consider your choices carefully. Remember it is your money! Most books are available through or Take 2 online shops (see the adverts on this page for the links). Compare prices on these two networks for the best deal.


Labour Law in Action - Frances Anderson & Jacques van Wyk
A hands on guide to the Labour Relations Act (LRA) in South Africa.

Debt-trap or Debt-free - Danie Vorster
A guide to help you to get out of debt, stay out of debt and improve the quality of your life.

Nedbank's Making Money Made Easy - Noel Whittaker, Magnus Heystek & Ralf Metz
An easy guide to the essentials of money, investment, borrowing and personal finance.

Personal Financial Management - Nico Swart
A comprehensive text book on personal financial decision making and planning. Apart from detailed insight into the personal financial-planning process, the nine personal financial-planning areas and the time value of money are discusses.

Introduction to Business Management - Cronje, Du Toit, Marais and Motlatla
A textbook of the business world and business managent, dealing with Entrepreneurship, The establishment of a business and the Business environment.

Run your own Business and make lots of Money - Eric Parker
A guide in simple language, on how to start a business and how to cope with an entrepreneur's high-pressure lifestyle.

Starting your own Business - Guy Macleod & Barrie Terblanche
With 17 clear topic-based chapters, this book takes you through each step of planning, setting up and running a business profitably.

The Riches Man in Babylon - George S Clason
The book is fun to read and unlocks the secrets in making money, keeping your money and making your money work for you.

Marketing for Dummies - Craig Smith
A fun guide to choosing the right marketing strategy to increase your sales and grow your business.




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24 Hour E-Book Writing System

How To Write An E-Book In Exactly 24 Hours - Even If You Can't Write! E-books makes the best kind of products. People have a problem and they buy your information that provides a solution. That is why the e-books are also called information products. Writing E-book are very profitable, but sometimes difficult - until now! Find out How To Write Profit-Pulling E-Books In Exactly 24 Hours Of Work - Guaranteed! With This New Step-By-Step System, You Will Be Churning Out Quality E-Books In Just 24 Hours (Even If You Hate Writing).

Search Engine Marketing For Small Biz

The First Search Engine Marketing E-book Written Specifically For Small Business Owners. The Small Business Guide to Search Engine Marketing teaches you proven techniques that you can use to drive customers to your site.

Hundreds of E-Books with 100% Resell Rights

Collection Of More Than a Hundred E-books And Software With Full Resell Rights. Start Your Own Business Selling E-Books And Software. Affiliates earn 50% Commission. You can sell the individual E-books and software contained within the package separately, together, or you can even repackage them. You can also sell the Software and E-books Package itself! We will even provide you with a ready-made sales website.
Dial Direct Car Insurance
African Bank for an online cash loan in nine easy steps

Bulk SMS Marketing
Recently I've been using this great SMS package that makes it so easy to send individual and bulk SMS's from my PC, it's much cheaper than sending from my phone as well. You should check it out.

Corporate Gifts
Combine advertising with rewarding your loyal customers with these innovative and affordable gifts.

Home Loans Online
Compare different homeloans and get the best deal. No obligation quotes online.

Online Insurance
Find the best insurance to cater for your need. Car insurance, household insurance, personal insurance or travel insurance.

Online Shopping
Get he best deals in the comfort of your own home. Online shopping at its best.

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