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Small Business South Africa - Security for Small Business South Africa
When doing business on the internet, maintaining your security should be your top priority. To augment the security measures, there are steps that you can take to help protect yourself from fraud and scams.

Website Security
Type in the website URL: To safely and securely access the any security website, like your PayPal account, open a new web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer or Netscape) and type in the website’s address. (For paypal it would be: Do not click on the link provided in the website!

Password Safety
• Never share your password: Banks or other business representatives will never ask you for your password. If you believe someone has learned your password, please change it immediately and contact your bank or business partner to report it.
• Create a secure password: Choose a password that uses a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. For example, $coo!place2l!ve or 2Barry5Bonds#1. Avoid choosing obvious words or dates such as a nickname or your birth date.
• Keep your online banking password unique: Don't use the same password for online business and other online services such as AOL, eBay, MSN, or Yahoo. Using the same password for multiple websites increases the likelihood that someone could learn your password and gain access to your account.

Email Security
• Look for a personal greeting: Banks and business partners will never send an email with the greeting "Dear Bank User" or "Dear Absa Member." Real business emails will address you by your first and last name or the business name associated with your account. If you believe you have received a fraudulent email, please forward the entire email—including the header information—to the fraud section of your bank. The bank will investigate every fraud reported.
• Don't share personal information via email: Banks will never ask you to enter your password or financial information in an email or send such information in an email. You should only share information about your account once you have logged in to the secure business website (starting with https).
• Beware of e-mail attachments: Banks will never send you an attachment or software update to install on your computer.
• Check the email address: Most phising scams or fraudulent e-mails originate from free e-mail accounts, with Yahoo being the most frequent one.

Use Your Account Wisely
• Don't share your account: Don't use your bank account to collect or transfer money for someone else. These types of activity are often conducted as forms of money laundering or mail fraud and may result in significant criminal penalties. If someone contacts you and asks you to transfer money on their behalf, you should deny the request and contact your relevant fraud authority immediately.
• Increase your security: Become a security conscience member of the internet business community.
• Look for legitimate sites: Examine all privacy and security seals before doing business with a particular website and make sure they are legitimate.
• Be informed: Learn more about the latest fraud schemes by visiting the security section of your bank’s website.


Step 1. Keep your firewall turned on
A firewall helps protect your computer from hackers who might try to delete information, crash your computer, or even steal your passwords or credit card numbers.

Step 2. Keep your operating system up-to-date
High priority updates are critical to the security and reliability of your computer.

Step 3. Use updated antivirus software
Viruses are usually malicious software that you need to protect your computer against. You need antivirus technology to help prevent viruses, and you need to keep it regularly updated.

Step 4. Use updated antispyware technology
Spyware are usually malicious software that you need to protect your computer against. You need antispyware technology to help prevent spyware, and you need to keep it regularly updated.
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